What is Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)?

EMDR started as a treatment approach for PTSD in the late 1980’s to desensitise traumatic memories and related symptoms. The first EMDR clinical trial took place in 1989 and has been extensively researched ever since, showing positive clinical outcomes with many different mental health conditions.

How is EMDR therapy different from other types of therapy?

EMDR is not exclusively a “talk-based” therapy. The treatment still requires history taking and client case work but the method of resolving distress comes from the use of bilateral stimulation (BLS). BLS is said to activate the brains “natural healing centre” which allows “unprocessed” or “frozen” memories to be resolved. When we are able to desensitise memories directly related to a client’s symptoms, this can have a rapid, positive impact.


Can EMDR be effectively delivered online?

EMDR can be delivered online using specifically designed software that allows effective online delivery. This allows clients from anywhere in Australia to experience the benefits of EMDR from the comfort of their own homes.